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ผู้เขียน หัวข้อ: Alfonso Perez: Guti has the ability to coach Real  (อ่าน 40 ครั้ง)
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Former Real Madrid and Barcelona sbobet24 striker Alfonso Perez believes that Guti could be the heir to the Los Blancos head coach job.The retired Spain international, who scored 20 goals in 108 games for Los Blancos, feels that the ex-midfielder is an obvious choice."Guti has the ability to coach Real Madrid," he insisted, speaking exclusively to sbobet24."He knows the club and they have to give him the same chance that they gave Zidane."They've spoken very well of him to me."Having played both clubs across the Clasico divide, he also admitted he would have had no problem sbobet24 swapping sides in the Seville derby."Would I have signed for Sevilla? A footballer's career is very short and it's easy to change team when there is interest," he confessed."There are players who have gone from Betis to Sevilla and if I had nothing would have happened."Perez enjoyed his most successful spell in Seville in green and white, scoring 67 goals in 183 games before retiring at the club and is pleased to see the team excelling under Quique Setien."It would be beautiful if Betis qualified for the Champions League, but it doesn't have to be this year, they have to wait a few years and plan well," he evaluated."This year there are chances of the Europa League."Betis moved into fifth place over the weekend and leapfrogged Sevilla in the process.
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